Social media marketing for more engagement!

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging the target audience of your business with creative post and content on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter etc.,.

Nowadays social media platforms have become a part of people lifestyle. These platforms not only deal with posting the image, liking and sharing it has become a mean of connecting, interacting a succeeding together with the customers for many business peeps.

Our digital experts at Tecliff, provide top-notch social media marketing service in Chennai, India. We help our clients in building their brand by creating brand awareness, increasing the website traffic, generating leads and thereby bringing revenue. We follow 3B concept in social media marketing – Branding, Building, and Bringing.

Branding – Create brand Identity and awareness
Building - Build strong connecting with your target customers
Bringing- Increase website traffic and bring more leads.
Social Media Marketing
Social media marketing services at Tecliff involves,

• Management
• Advertising
• Posting
• Scheduling
• Page Creation
• Page Optimization
• Training
• Monitoring
• Reporting
• Contests
• Coupons
• Audit
• Competitive Analysis
• Profile Creation
• Account Manager

Advantages of incorporating social media marketing in your business,

1. Helps you in finding new people
With the innovative posts and engaging content, Tecliff helps in finding the people with similar interests.

2. Reach target audience
The social media marketing campaigns at Tecliff helps you in reaching your target audience who are in need and love on your brand and business.

3. Define your business reach
With the in-depth research and appropriate social media marketing, Tecliff helps in building our brand and also the audience.

4. Increase website traffic
The Social media marketing service helps in increasing the traffic to your business website.

5. Building your brand
SMM service helps in building your business brand, and increase your brand awareness.

6. Higher conversion rates
Social media posts and engaging content have the ability to target a particular set of customers who are interested in your business. It helps in finding the right audiences for your business to turn them into higher conversion.

Social media marketing activities at Tecliff,

- Create interesting content and post
- Expand the business information about your business by sharing posts, blogs on various social media platforms
- Increase your followers
- Promote your business on the targeted audience
- Promote paid advertisements to reach large audiences.

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Other Digital marketing services offered at Tecliff,

• Search Engine Optimization
• Affiliate Marketing
• Social Media Optimization
• Content Marketing
• E-Mail Marketing

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