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Static web development

Websites are the most important factor in this digital world, to stay connected with your target customers. It is the most influential and advanced medium to focus on your potential users and hold them. Depending on the nature of the business, requirements and functionality, a website can be designed and developed as static, dynamic or custom. Static website development involves minimum coding requirements, making the website simple in its way.

Tecliff is one of the leading static website development company in Chennai. Being a best website design company in Chennai, our website development team renders eye-catching website designs with a new ideology. It aids in promoting your brand with simple, unique, innovative website designs.

Static websites are made with HTML and CSS coding along with fixed information and graphic designs. With highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals, Tecliff design every client sector and categories right from corporate, industries, construction to Healthcare etc.,.

static website development
Advantages at Tecliff for Static Website Design

Our aim at Tecliff is to provide our customers with professional and custom static web design and development services. Static website which we craft for you loads faster and launch the web pages at a quick rate. This kind of website is the best way to introduce your business as a startup in the online platform. The huge technical, talented and highly skilled professionals at Tecliff convert your dream requirements into a unique and attractive website with innovative and creative thinking at the shortest possible time.

Our specialities in static web development:

- Impressive design
- Innovative concepts
- Top notch quality
- Browser Compatibility
- Expert team
- User-friendly designs
- Stand-alone site
- Creative concepts
- Perfect design Interface
- Faster loading and downloading
- Overall attractive designs
- Cost-effective
Features in Static Web Design & Development

1. Get the domain name of your choice that suits your business
2. No cost for website hosting for a year
3. 5 Different POP’s
4. Compatible design
5. Cost-free image design and optimization
6. User-friendly design, and look
7. Website content creation
8. Incorporating keywords in the content
9. All needed additions & corrections on demand
10. Free maintenance

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